About ERA Liberty Realty

We give without getting.

We may be part of a global brand, ERA Real Estate, but that doesn’t mean we are disconnected from our community and from our clients. As an office, as agents, and as people we work hard to give back to our community through participating in events, donations, hosting and making our own events, spreading the word of programs for those in need, and helping our clients navigate the best course of action for credit reform, renting vs buying, and other hard hitting questions that they may not have the answers to.


We’re as local as you can get.

We know, you probably here that a lot. But we are and it’s true – as if having past and present office locations in Harpers Ferry, Shepherdstown, Martinsburg, and Charles Town wasn’t enough! Having that local connection to the Eastern Panhandle gives us the advantage of problem solving quicker, working smarter, giving better service, and being right there if you need something on the fly.

If you are in need of living assistance, relocation assistance, or want info about local school boards please check out our Local Resources page. 


We support our clients like family.

A lot of our business is repeat clients. Why are they repeat you ask? Our agents just click with the folks they work with leading to friendships after the real estate portion is said and done. The trust that our agents build with their people is real; just like the trust the broker has built with the agents. Real estate advice post-closing, asking where the best deal is to buy some furniture, or even what the name of that new restaurant that just opened is, or even a yoga buddy, our agents have you covered from start to finish!


ERA Liberty in The Community