ERA Liberty & The CE Shop

ERA Liberty Realty has taken the next step in Real Estate Agent education and partnered with The CE Shop! This educational site provides quality and recognized Continuing Education training, Real Estate exam pre-courses, post licensing courses, and so much more. You never stop learning, and ERA Liberty Realty will never stop providing you a top notch Real Estate education no matter what step of the process you are in!

Getting Started

Pre-licensing coursework is a must for any state you wish to become a Real Estate agent or REALTORĀ® in. Each state has their own pre-licensing courses that must be taken and passed prior to receiving a license. The list of hours needed and courses required vary from state to state.

*Currently, West Virginia does not offer pre-licensing coursework through The CE Shop. For pre-licensing inquiries for West Virginia, feel free to contact our office and speak with our General Manager for more information.*

Post-Licensing Coursework

Are post-licensing courses required in your state? In West Virginia and Maryland, they are not.

Virginia on the other hand, requires 30 hours and nine courses to be taken post licensing. Think of the post-licensing coursework as a follow up to the knowledge you should have gained up to the point of becoming a Real Estate Agent.

Exam Prep

Preparing for your Real Estate exam is essential in understanding and conquering the business. The CE Shop & ERA Liberty have all the tools to help you retain what you learn! And go over what you are struggling with. From an initial assessment to unlimited practice tests, The CE Shop provides retainable courses with interactive lessons about up-to-date topics.

Continuing Education

Requirements will vary by state for this type of course work. Without completing the states continuing education requirement, a real estate agent cannot renew their license. The CE Shop also offers multi-state packages to get your CE completed faster and conveniently!

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