Welcome to Inwood & Bunker Hill West Virginia

Inwood and the Bunker Hill area are the closet in the Eastern Panhandle to the Virginia state line and rest just off of Interstate 81. The city and surrounding areas have seen its fair share of growth over the past few years with new roadways being constructed, new developments, and new businesses entering. Neither area have a city website. 

Inwood and Bunker Hill sit in an excellent position for commuters and short trips for shopping. They are both about twenty minutes to Winchester, VA, to the South, to the North is Hagerstown, MD, Charles Town is to the North East, and fifteen minutes to the North is Martinsburg.

The Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority (EPTA) offers bus routes to Inwood. The main hub of the buses is in Martinsburg. The EPTA also offers Demand Response trips. These trips are for riders that cannot make it to the designated bus stops. These rides can be scheduled on weekdays or weekends with advance notice and are done within the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. timeframe. 

Inwood WV

Points of Interest

Jay Dee's Fun Center

Jay Dee's is a recreation center that houses go carts, a fitness center, pools, mini golf, and arcade. They also offer an early learning program suitable for ages 2-5. They offer services from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The gym membership runs from $35.month to a family plan costing $350/year. 

Inwood Preforming Arts Company

Located right across the road from Jay Dee's, the Preforming Arts Company offers dance classes in ballet, jazz, tap, Irish step, and ball room dancing. Classes offered are for children and adults.


What's it Like to Live in Inwood & Bunker Hill

A Quick Look

The majority of Inwood runs alongside Interstate 81. This makes the city bustling with commuters daily. The same goes for Bunker Hill and Route 11.  Although there is heavy traffic during the morning and evenings rushes, there is shopping, healthcare, and easy access to major roadways. Inwood is growing so there is almost always some new building or road being added to the city. The area also has schooling for all ages so no need to switch towns for varying levels of school. There is not a high walkability score for the city. If you live in town, then walking is easier, but some roadways may not be the safest to traverse. Bunker Hill walkability score is nonexistent. 

Unexpected Charm

Inwood and Bunker Hill feel more like a small metropolis rather than a small town in West Virginia. It can get pretty fast paced and due to the proximity it has to the interstate, there are always people coming and going through the town. Getting around can be easy while not in rush hour.

Home Availablility

The city and the Bunker Hill area have a weird mix of luxe homes and ones that have seen better days. The larger homes are on the outskirts of either area and are mainly located in subdivisions. The subdivisions are scattered about the area. There is a lot of single family detached and townhomes available. The larger part of the real estate for sale is single family homes in the rancher, colonial, or split foyer style. 

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You'll Just Love...

Everything you need is basically there or just right down the road. Because of it's growing nature, Inwood and Bunker Hill offer everything you would need close by (schools and heath care like we mentioned) like entertainment, nature, shopping, ultra local shopping, and more. The only thing that you may grow tired of is the lack of diverse restaurants! 


The city is busy so if you don't like traffic occasionally or want a more slower pace in your lifestyle, then here is not for you. Everything is compacted together for easy access and travelers coming off the interstate. There are local shops and makers in the city and their products are sold within the city. Inwood is the sweet spot to get to tons of towns and major cities such as Winchester, VA,  Hagerstown, MD, Martinsburg, and Charles Town. You can get to all in about twenty minutes or less. 

Local Subdivisions

If the box is empty, it just means that there is nothing for sale currently in that subdivision. 

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