Renting a Home?

ERA Liberty Realty can assist you in renting a home! We have agents that will show and others that will manage rental properties. Because we understand that owning your own home may not be in your cards; our rental agents will work with you within your budget to help find the right rental. They will work with the seller to list or list and manage a rental unit. Renting a home has never been easier with ERA Liberty Realty - on the renting, listing, and managing fronts!

How We Can Find, List, Market, & Manage Your Rental

Renting a home and leasing out a home have very different processes and paperwork. Each will have different timeframes as well. Generally, budgets need to be established, an agent needs to be found, and the search for a tenant or rental can be tedious. Assisting with the tedious is only one part of a real estate agent's job. Our team of rental agents are familiar to the fast paced rental market and can keep your specifics in mind while marketing or searching for your rental. 

If you have questions, but no agent, give us a call! If you have an agent and have questions, give them a call. Being well informed on any real estate transaction is key to having that transaction flow smoothly. Agents are there for your questions and concerns. Use them when you are renting a home! 

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Drop us a line for more info about finding a home to rent or lease your property. We will get you connected with an awesome real estate professional! 

Searching for a Home to Rent

Budget Check First

Generally, like buying a home, you need to check your budget limitations prior to searching for or renting a home. This should be the first step as it will tell you where you should look, what type of building you should be looking at, and what you can afford. Here are some quick items to think over when you are creating your budget plan.

  • What is your average water/electric/cell phone bill
  • How much do you spend in gas
  • How much is your car insurance
  • What do you spend on food
  • How much to you spend on non-necessary items
  • What would the prospective rent a month be
  • Due at rental lease signing will be the first months rent and a security deposit (usually it is the same amount as the monthly rent). Do you have that money in hand? Will you be able to provide it when needed?

Now take your monthly paycheck and subtract the above from it. What is left? If it's too much for your liking then move on to a lower priced rental. *This simple subtraction model is for the purpose of roundabout figures only. Speak to someone with a financial background for a more accurate number.*

Regardless of budget constraints, you don't always need a realtor to apply for a rental unit. If you don't mind looking and emailing around you can find a home to rent through searchable outlets like the ones below: 

Because you are using searched websites, you will be able to find apartment complex listings or private owner listings that may not be listed through a realtors channels. Occasionally, these listing types do not use a realtor to list therefore would not appear in the realtor system called the MLS (Multi Listings Service). Feel free to hire an agent and do some searching on your own as well. Your agent can still help you tour and apply for a rental that isn't listed in the MLS. You and your agent will have to speak with the owner about a commission for your agent. 

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Rental Owner Searching for a Tenant

Should You Lease or Sell?

The first question you should ask yourself prior to signing paperwork is "should I lease out my home?" Is your property at an age where renting it out still makes sense? Do you want a steady monthly income? However, would a lump sum of sale cash suite your needs better? All are great questions. Your current living situation should be the deciding factor. Once you have decided to create a rental listing it's time to ask the next important question: will you manage the rental or hire someone else to do it?


In the state of West Virginia, taxes are higher on rental properties. If you choose to sell it after a few years, that tax rate will stick to the property even after it's sold. Undoubtedly, it will only follow the prior rental property for one tax year. Then it will return to the standard residential tax rate. This fact remains for potential tenants looking to purchase the home they are renting.

Property Tax Classifications & Tax Rates

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