Welcome to Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Shepherdstown rests along the state line to Maryland, much like Harpers Ferry, and is the oldest town in West Virginia. The town hosts events like WV Fest, BooFest, the acclaimed Contemporary American Theater Festival, and many more. Check out the town site for more info. 

Shepherdstown is located in Jefferson County and rests along the Maryland state line. The town is about 33 miles West of Frederick, MD, a half hour South of Hagerstown, MD, about 34 miles North East of Winchester, VA, and about 73 miles North West of DC. There is no local transit in the town other than personal vehicles, and ride share drivers. There is a high walkability in the downtown area. 

The Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority (EPTA) doesn't offer bus routes to Shepherdstown, but instead provide circulators for the University: Ram Force One and Ram Express. These buses shuttle students around the campus with each bus going to different locations. Shepherd University students with a valid Rambler Pass can ride for free. 

Corporation of Shepherdstown

Points of Interest

Shepherd University

In the heart of Downtown is Shepherd University. Shepherd is regarded more as a nursing/business school but offers a wide variety of majors and minors in an array of fields. There are dorms all throughout the town and the college campus is sprawling. 

The Bavarian Inn

The Bavarian Inn sits on the outskirts of the town and is near the Maryland state line; in fact, the Inn overlooks the Shenandoah River which is a natural boarder for the state line. The Bavarian offers fine dinning, rooms for staying, an infinity pool when the weather is right, and they host events. If you are looking for a unique overnight and dinning experience make sure to stop by!

Local History

There are multiple historical buildings and landmarks. To name a few of these past relics: The Entler Hotel and Museum on the main drag of downtown, Mecklenburg Tobacco Warehouse, The Rumsey Monument, and the Peter Burr House.

What's it Like to Live in Shepherdstown

A Quick Look

Shepherdstown is a college town with out of state visitors filling the sidewalks year round. Small mom and pop shops line the streets of the town along with some pretty creative eateries! There is river access in the town with a boat ramp in the Downtown area. 

Unexpected Charm

Despite looking small, Shepherdstown is quite busy and bustling with things to do and places to go. The college brings a lot of visitors into the town and the local shops and history bring weekenders and historical buffs. 

Home Availablility

Homes can get a bit expensive due to the college, close proximity to MD, and being located in Jefferson County. Home types range from single family dwellings to very little townhouses/rowhouses. House pricing can range from the millions of dollars down to just a few hundred thousand. There is a mix of more modern styles and ages to the homes available along with historical homes with specific features of the era. The occasional farm/farm house will also come on the market.

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You'll Just Love...

Shepherdstown is a well-rounded place to live with plenty of walkability along with short drives to larger places, ultra local shopping with brand name stores nearby, it's a great commuter town, and there are plenty of community activities year round. 


The town is very well established with an absence of large big box businesses such as Wal-Mart or other large retailers - just as the towns people like it. You will have to drive between 20 and 30 minutes to get to the closest stores of this variety. The line between downtown and the rest of Shepherdstown can get a bit congested with commuter traffic in the mornings and afternoon hours. Parents weekend at the college also brings in a higher volume of traffic to the area.

Local Subdivisions

If the box is empty, it just means that there is nothing for sale currently in that subdivision. 

Colonial Hills


The Point

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