Welcome to Gerrardstown, West Virginia

Gerrardstown is an unincorporated "community village" slightly North West of Inwood, West Virginia. Established back in 1787, the area was named after its founder John Gerrard. The area was designated as a National Historical District in 1991 with many buildings being included on the National Register of Historic Places. Gerrardstown is part of the Lower Shenandoah Valley and is located in Berkeley County. The town doesn't have an official website.


The rural town is just minutes away from Inwood, WV, about a 22 minute ride to Winchester, VA, about 81 miles to Washington DC, and is about 31 miles from Hagerstown, MD. If you go down and get in I-81 you can be in Martinsburg in about twenty minutes.


Points of Interest

Historical Places

Below are all the buildings on the National Registry. Take some time and do a drive by as you check out the area!

Campbellton (Captain James Campbell House) circa 1780 CR 37 1980
Cool Spring Farm (Zackquill Morgan House) 1761 Runnymede Road (CR 26) 1994
Gerrardstown Historic District 18th-19th centuries   WV 51 and Virginia Line Road 1991
Hays-Gerrard House (Gerrard House) 1743 Congress Street 1985
Marshy Dell (Gilbert and Samuel McKown House)   late 18th century WV 51 1984
Mountain View Farm (Washington Gold House) 1854 CR 51/2 1984
Oban Hall (Mary Park Wilson House) 1825 CR 51/2 1985
Prospect Hill (William Wilson House) 1795 WV 51 1984

What's it Like to Live in Gerrardstown

A Quick Look

The town sits off Route 51 coming from Inwood. The unincorporated town is small and rural, but still offers schools, churches, a cemetery, and a post office slightly down the road. The further through the town you go the closer you will be to traveling up "Gerrardstown Mountain". The further you go East you can find yourself around the Winchester, Virginia area. 

Unexpected Charm

There is a good mix of lifestyles in town. For example, Round Top Estates is a very luxe place, but at the same time has mansion-esque homes and a small rancher next door. Springdale Farms offers more higher end homes and is a Dan Ryan community. You can still get a sprawling home and stay away from a large metro.

Home Availablility

The majority price range is $100,000 to $400,000 thousand with a handful of homes exceeding $600,000 in price. Ranchers, A-frames, and colonials are the main housing types for sale in the Gerrardstown area. There are a few major subdivisions in the area such as Springdale Farms and Round Top Estates on the mountain. These subdivisions are more higher in pricing and offer some of the largest homes. 

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You'll Just Love...

The town has a certain seclusion about it. Resting on a main roadway never caused the town to grow into gridlock like in nearby Inwood or Martinsburg. You can still have a leisurely lifestyle in a larger home or live small in a rancher in town. 


The town is very rural with no large stores, but plenty of historical buildings and farm land. It is a small town in the fact that it is only a mile or so long with a few scattered streets that have scattered homes on them. The outer reaches of the town offer larger subdivisions and larger homes. 

Local Subdivisions

If the box is empty, it just means that there is nothing for sale currently in that subdivision. 

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