Pumpkin Decorating Contest 2022

Before the creativity began for the pumpkin decorating... they were the most boring looking pumpkins ever. Made from a thick papier-mâché type material, each craft pumpkin was going to go to a very talented agent or staff member of ERA Liberty to be completely worked over into something amazing!

The staff and agents have one week to create their masterpieces and turn into the office. 

Entries were covered in Modge Podge and tissue paper. Hot glue guns were a blazin'. Breath was held as spray paint filled the air and paint brushes were laid out to be grabbed in rapid fire. The votes were tallied and the winner was crowned - Cheryl Yates from our Charles Town office pulled in over half the total votes or her pumpkin "The Fall Centerpiece"! Check out the winner and all the other creative entries below.

Pumpkin Contest 2022
Cheryl Yates Realtor

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