Curb Appeal Corner May 16, 2023

Curb Appeal Without Breaking the Piggy Bank

If your home is lacking curb appeal and you want to improve it without spending a fortune. You’ve come to the right place! There are so many DIY projects and simple changes you can do to improve your homes look without breaking the bank! Here are just a couple ways to get you started. 

Red Front Door Painting

One way to spice up your home’s curb appeal is to paint the front door a welcoming color. Check out these 2023 front door color trends from Martha Stewart for paint color inspiration.  Now, we know changing your front door color is kind of a commitment. So, if you want to do something a little less drastic try adding a pop of color by getting a large wreath to brighten things up. Save money by DIY’ing your own wreath! These summer wreath ideas are perfect for the summer season!

Painting is a relatively cheap way to drastically change up the look of your home. So, don’t limit the painting to just the front door. Freshen up your shutters, house numbers, door knobs and lighting fixtures as well! This will give your home a major face lift with minimal money and effort. Spray paint will be your best friend in this case! 

Improve Your Porch Decor

The best way to enhance your curb appeal without breaking the piggy bank is to repurpose items around your home for porch decor! Take a look around the house for anything you can use for decorating your front porch. Old pots and containers are usually perfect to make into planters. Think creative and don’t be afraid to use something unique! Old wooden furniture and shelving can also be altered to use in your curb appeal revamp. 

If you’re having a hard time finding things to decorate with or you don’t have any old furniture to repurpose, consider stopping by local yard sales and thrift stores. These places are usually where you will find unique things for cheap! 

Need some fun/unique decorating ideas and visuals? Checkout our ERA Liberty Realty Pinterest Board for some great inspiration.

LightingCurb appeal String Lights

Brighten up the front of your home by adding lighting! Firstly, to give your home a warm and welcoming radiance, you may want to stick with a warm white bulb. This tends to give that glow that you will be looking for. 

String lights are all the rave and they are perfect for adding a cozy ambiance to your front or back porch.  Additionally, they are fairly easy to hang as they usually only need a nail hook to hang on. However, if you want to elevate your space, take a look at these ways to hang your string lights. Lanterns will also give you the same inviting warmth, making both these types of lighting ideal for entertainment. 

Lining your walkway with solar lights is also a great idea for additional lightning. This not only adds to your curb appeal but makes it easier for you and guests to see the sidewalk at night. 

Click Here for additional lighting inspiration

ZinniasFlowers and Bushes

Add some more color and excitement to the front of your home by adding flowers, bushes and other plants. Bushes are fairly easy to maintain and will fill up your flower beds making them look full. However, they typically lack a little in the color variety. Therefore, you’ll want to choose some colorful flowers to compliment them! If your not sure which flowers to choose take a look at these beautiful low maintenance flowers to add. 

Have Fun!

It’s true, people passing by will see the front of your home but so will you! When you pull into your drive way after a long day at work wouldn’t it be nice to see a welcoming home? Don’t just make you’re home visually appealing for others…be sure that it’s something you will love as well. Find things that excite you to decorate with, furniture you find comfy, and lightning that makes the space cozy. 

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