Home Advice January 13, 2023

Tips to Selling Your Home Fast

So, it’s time to make a move? No worries, we’ll help you get your home sold and into your next residence quicker than you can turn around! Follow these tips below to make selling your home fast as possible!


Hire a professional Real Estate AgentMoney

A professional Real Estate Agent will ensure that your home is sold ASAP. They will be able to recommend a listing price, take professional photos, use marketing tools, guide you and answer any questions you may have through the home selling process. They will also be able to recommend any improves that need to be made to the home to extract top dollar. A Real Estate Agent will have your best interest therefore making you feel more comfortable with the home selling process.


Remove clutter

A key factor in selling your home is to remove any unnecessary clutter. Why would a potential buyer care about clutter you may ask? Well, they most likely won’t care if you have an overflow of books or artwork laying around. However, you want to give them as much of a blank slate as possible. Removing any clutter from your home can make the space feel larger and allow the buyer to see themselves and their belongings in the home.


Staging a homeStaging

Now, while it is important to remove any unnecessary clutter, you don’t necessarily want your home to be completely empty. Simple furniture can allow a potential buyer to envision what a room has to offer. For example, leaving your dining room table in your home will allow the potential buyer to see what size furniture will fit in the space. You will want to accentuate your homes key features. Large front yard? Invest in some beautiful landscaping to make your home look even more inviting.



Painting your home to sell can make it look much more polished. When painting to sell, it is important to stick with neutral colors. Keep in mind that you want to appeal to the masses. Therefore, stick with whites, grays, and creams when putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Painting does not have to be limited to interior, don’t forget about the outside! Giving your shutters, porch, trim, etc. a fresh coat as well could make a world of difference in curb appeal!


All the tips listed above will have you getting your home sold in no time! ERA Liberty Realty wishes you a quick and easy home selling process!

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