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Thanksgiving Traditions to Try

Feel the need to change up your Thanksgiving Traditions? Have no fear… new tradition ideas are here! Whether your family is growing and you need to switch it up or if you just want some fun ideas. You’ve come to the right place! There are so many ways to keep your family having fun throughout the holidays. Try one of these ideas out this Thanksgiving 🦃


Turkey Arts and CraftsArts and Crafts

Make your Thanksgiving super fun and kid friendly by including arts and crafts. Have everyone make an ornament or decoration for the holidays so that they can use it to decorate! This is a great way to get everyone interacting and an even better way to create memories with the kids.


Is your circle too big host everyone at once? Create a new Thanksgiving tradition and host a friends-giving for just friends so you can still enjoy everyone’s company. Have everyone bring a Thanksgiving dish and turn it into a big potluck! Life can be so hectic sometimes so, take this time to catch up with your friends you don’t see often and take plenty of pictures for memories.

Covered DishThanksgiving Feast

Getting tired of spending too much time in the kitchen or just tired of the same food year after year? Have everyone bring their favorite food instead of a Thanksgiving dish! This way you only have to make one thing and you get to try out everyone’s favorites. Pizza, sushi, pasta, etc. what a fun Thanksgiving it could be!


A good way to keep everyone from going into that dreaded “after turkey food coma” is to keep everyone interacting. Come up with a turkey day trivia so everyone can play along.  Check out these fun turkey facts to get some ideas for your trivia questions. You could even come up with a prize for the winner…perhaps a gift card or some cash to spend for the upcoming winter holidays.

Family History

Since all of the family is going to be together, have them all write a favorite family memory of theirs down on a piece of paper. Then put it in a scrap book and have everyone add to it each year. Your family can then spend every year looking back on great times.  This new Thanksgiving tradition is a great way to keep those awesome family memories alive!


ERA Liberty Realty wishes you and yours a Happy Holiday!

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