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Eastern Panhandle Day Trips

The Eastern Panhandle’s Top Day Trip Destinations

While the Eastern Panhandle itself offers an abundance of activities, sights and shopping, sometimes it’s nice to get away for a day or long weekend. Thankfully, Berkeley & Jefferson counties are located in a prime spot for day trips! You really can have it all here in the Eastern Panhandle – enjoy a relaxed, small town feel at home or head down the road for the buzz of city life or beach vibes. 

Small Cities Close to Home

Enjoy a change of scenery without going far from home! Just outside of the Panhandle, you’ll find vibrant towns in nearly all directions. These town are slightly larger than those in the county, but still offer a cozy and historic atmosphere. To the south, you’ll find Winchester and Leesburg in Virginia, while north you’ll run into Hagerstown; west of the area is Frederick, Maryland. Each of these places provide even more dining options, attractions and entertaining excursions and are within 30 minutes of the Eastern Panhandle. 

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Urban Life Near the Panhandle

Just 90 minutes southwest of the Panhandle is Washington D.C., the country’s capital. Living so close to this remarkable city offers residents a variety of incredible museums, historical monuments, exclusive events, and a chance to experience city life. Baltimore is also just 90 minutes west of the area, where you can enjoy an Orioles game or spend the afternoon around Inner Harbor. Catch the MARC Train in Shepherdstown, Martinsburg or Harpers Ferry and head into the city without the hassle of urban parking. The Amtrak station is also in Harpers Ferry. 

If you head south, you’ll find Charlottesville, Richmond, and Williamsburg, among many others. These three cities are known for their vibrant arts, culture, history and food scenes. Spend a long weekend if you’d like – all three of the cities are within a three hour’s drive of the Panhandle.

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Beaches and Bays

Take a break from the mountains and soak up some sun or surf. The Eastern Panhandle is only two hours from Annapolis and the surrounding Chesapeake Bay area; while popular shore destinations like Ocean City, Maryland and Virginia Beach are a mere four hours from home. Step into a nautical state of mind! It’ll feel like a vacation, without the usual headache of several hours (or even days) of beach traffic. You’ll be back home in no time. 

No matter what you’re looking for or where you look, the surrounding area of the Eastern Panhandle boasts variety, history and scenery that you’d be hard pressed to find living elsewhere.

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