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There are lots of local places to visit in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia! The state offers attractions such as walking trails, dining options, shopping options, outdoor adventuring, and so much more! When you are traveling about or are just looking for something new, ERA Liberty has you covered! Blogging about local attractions is a great way to find something new and exciting! You never know, you may find a great new pastime! The Eastern Panhandle is home to many local places to visit such as Harpers Ferry and Shepherdstown, towns located next to the Maryland border. Also, Berkeley Springs in Morgan County, and the Charles Town, Ranson, and Martinsburg areas. All have exceptional dinning, shopping, and some offer outdoor ventures. Harpers Ferry, Shepherdstown, Charles Town and Martinsburg are about a half hour drive from one another. Berkeley Springs is the furthest away at an hour drive with traffic.

Local Places to Visit Inwood: The Early Facts The Early History Inwood’s history began in the 1880s when the Cumberland Valley Railroad (CVRR) came to South Berkeley County, West Virginia. The famous Inwood Park was set up on the Strong family’s property, who were important locals. How The Town Got Its Name Inwood was originally called Gerrard. There are two stories about how […]
Local Businesses Farmers Markets in the Eastern Panhandle **UPDATED** With the weather warming up there are a ton of things to get outside and finally do! Besides falling back into the habits of sweaty yardwork, there are other places that want you to fall into the habit of visiting them on the weekends: local farmers markets! Buying local not only supports the community, […]
Local Businesses Unique Stores Off the Beaten Path Everytown has their niche places that you can only find there. The Eastern Panhandle is comprised of beautiful parks, historical landmarks, and rolling countryside. There are also a handful of unique stores!  There are a ton, but we wanted to point out just a few for your next trip to wild and wonderful West Virginia! […]
Local Places to Visit C&O Canal: Bridging the Country The History of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal (also known as the C&O Canal or the “Grand Old Ditch”) is located in multple states. The canal winds along the West Virginia and Maryland boarder before extending into Virginia. It is a prime tourist spot and outdoor enthusiasts locale, with many […]
Local Places to Visit The History of Jefferson County, WV Jefferson County WV: Then & Now  When it comes to history, the state of West Virginia has no shortage. In particular, Jefferson County itself has an abundance of historical treasures in its background. Take a look at some of these rich details from the county’s past, and where it is today.    A Presidential History  […]
Local Places to Visit The History of Shannondale The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains tower above roadways and have been in many a country song. Hidden in the hills of these mountains is the community of Shannondale. This hilltop oasis of flora and fauna resides between the Shenandoah River and the West Virginia and Virginia border. It is a census-designated area. This type of […]
Local Businesses May Events in The Eastern Panhandle of WV Are you looking for a fun filled May? We’ve compiled a great list of of May events to keep you entertained and enjoying the warm weather! White Water Whiskey Trip & Tour 2023 This must attend May event will take place on Saturday, May 20th from 10:30am-4p.m. This event includes a whitewater rafting trip and […]
Local Businesses River Riders in Harpers Ferry, WV   If you’re looking for some good fun this summer look no further! River Riders Family Adventure Resort in Harpers Ferry, WV offers you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. They have kayaking, tubing, white water rafting, canoeing, ziplining, E-Biking, camping and even an aerial adventure park. River Riders has been ranked #1 on […]
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Local Places to Visit Good Eats in Jefferson County, WV The locals always know where the best places in town are to eat. Good eats can sometimes be hard to find, but not in historic Charles Town, West Virginia. Once you read about the restaurants below… you’ll see why they’re raved over. Head down town to get a delicious meal and friendly service. You won’t […]
Local Businesses Good Food in Berkeley County There is nothing better than finding a new favorite place to eat with a plethora of food options. There are tons of hole-in-the-wall, mom and pop joints just waiting to be discovered in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia! If the day has worn you down and you just don’t feel like cooking a meal […]
Local Places to Visit Eastern Panhandle Day Trips The Eastern Panhandle’s Top Day Trip Destinations While the Eastern Panhandle itself offers an abundance of activities, sights and shopping, sometimes it’s nice to get away for a day or long weekend. Thankfully, Berkeley & Jefferson counties are located in a prime spot for day trips! You really can have it all here in the Eastern Panhandle – […]
Local Businesses Country Inn of Berkeley Springs If you frequent the Martinsburg, Charles Town, or Inwood areas often (or live there) you will know the struggle of finding a calm traffic day. Or just a calm day in general really. The population has skyrocketed causing once humble towns to now become traffic gridlock centers – Martinsburg and Inwood respectively. Did you know, […]
Local Places to Visit The Eastern Panhandle’s Best Parks! Parks are the heart of our communities, offering a sanctuary for relaxation, recreation, and socialization. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, these green spaces provide a much-needed escape to nature, promoting both physical and mental well-being. The Eastern Panhandle’s best parks not only serve as beautiful retreats but also as vital spaces for […]
Local Businesses Broaden Your Palette in Shepherdstown When you’re traveling with family, it is often hard to find places that everyone agrees upon to settle down for some lunch. The story of a Mom’s life is the youngest wants fast food, but the oldest wants a more formal dinning setting… that isn’t a concern in Shepherdstown. Thousands of people from around the […]