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Inwood: The Early Facts

The Early History

Inwood’s history began in the 1880s when the Cumberland Valley Railroad (CVRR) came to South Berkeley County, West Virginia. The famous Inwood Park was set up on the Strong family’s property, who were important locals.

How The Town Got Its Name

Inwood was originally called Gerrard. There are two stories about how it got its name. One says the town was named after the local park, which was in the woods. The other story says that Jonathan Newton Thatcher, the first postmaster, had to change the name because there was another town called Gerrardstown nearby. Thatcher picked the name “Inwood” from a cousin’s address in Inwood, California. He asked Washington, DC to change the town’s name to Inwood and open a new post office.

Post Office and Park

The Inwood post office opened on May 5, 1890. Jonathan Thatcher was the first postmaster. A village park grew around the post office. The park held a yearly fair that 7,000 to 12,000 people attended from 1892 to 1913.

Railroad Station

Inwood Station of the CVRR had a grain elevator that helped ship local farm produce. Wood products, like bark for tanning and railroad ties, were also shipped from Inwood. This made the station one of the most profitable on the CVRR line.

The Apple Capital

Lastly, Gray Silver, a local politician, helped farmers work together in the early 1900s. Apples were the main crop because they lasted longer and traveled well. Silver found investors to build a commercial apple plant in the town. Thanks to him, the CH Musselman Company from Pennsylvania set up an apple processing plant in the 1920s. By the end of that decade, Inwood had the Musselman factory, known for making applesauce.

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