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Broaden Your Palette in Shepherdstown

When you’re traveling with family, it is often hard to find places that everyone agrees upon to settle down for some lunch. The story of a Mom’s life is the youngest wants fast food, but the oldest wants a more formal dinning setting… that isn’t a concern in Shepherdstown. Thousands of people from around the country visit this quaint little town located in the Shenandoah Valley during the summertime. There’s so much to experience in Shepherdstown, especially the food. Whether it’s French you crave or American comfort food, eating out with the whole family isn’t a problem at all here. Check out the top 5 family restaurants in Shepherdstown that are worth every penny!



Betty’s Restaurant

As an iconic restaurant in the heart of Shepherdstown, Betty’s opened in 1959 by Betty Osbourne. She ran the restaurant for over 40 years before she retired and sold the business to Regina and Howard Wines Jr. Betty’s Restaurant was also featured among the top 10 U.S. diners.

Whether you want a quick breakfast, relax with an iced tea, or taste the best crab cakes, Betty’s will never disappoint. The place is cozy and relaxed, not usually too crowded, and there’s typically no wait time. The reasonable prices and the decent portions combine to make this a great family restaurant.


Bistro 112

If your taste buds long for some fine French food, look no further than Bistro 112. This cozy little restaurant has brick architecture from the 1830’s, garden seating, along with comfort food and also a bar. Some of the highlights for Bistro 112 include both lunch and dinner options, a salad bar, vegetarian food, and amazing desserts. They also have a separate child’s menu where you can order for the little ones while the others enjoy grownup food with some Pinot Noir.



Press Room

In the mood for some New American food in a vintage setting? Then trying a dish or two at the Press Room is a no-brainer! The building is named so because it is housed in an old newspaper building. The place is known for the relaxed atmosphere and quality food that has something for everyone.

From the best soups, salads and grilled food to meat and pasta dishes, the Press Room draws a large number of patrons every day. They also have the best selection of oysters which are served as a complement with every item.


Kome Thai & Sushi Bistro

This hole in the wall restaurant serving Thai and Japanese food is a big hit with those who love spicy and savory, like crispy shrimp with garlic, chicken teriyaki, and Pad Thai. They also make delectable sushi, a dish they are best known for. Since it’s a small place and gets crowded easily, reservations are recommended. Kazu has small plates for kids and healthy food options as well.



The Green Pineapple

When you crave the most amazing bubble tea, come to the Korean eatery called The Green Pineapple. The chilled out atmosphere, efficient staff, and the tasty food make for a very pleasing environment that retains repeat customers. Aside from the bubble tea, there is a wide range of snacks and bowls to satiate your appetite!

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