Holiday Happenings

Seasonal times of the year are the best times of year - albeit birthdays! They bring joy, a sense of belonging, and closeness to one another. Holiday happenings are also a great time to spread the cheer to others! ERA Liberty doesn't hold back when it comes to holiday happenings! Of course, Christmas and Halloween get a post. And so do a plethora of others. Because of all the things happening, there are multiple events for each holiday per post. ERA Liberty Realty captures all of the local and nearby holiday happenings for you and your family! Catch up on ultra local and tri-state events with ERA Liberty Realty. Holiday time is for bringing the community together. What local holiday event is your favorite? Holidays are a huge part of the local communities. The downtown areas of Charles Town, Martinsburg, and Berkeley Springs go all out - especially around Christmas time. Other major community holidays are Halloween and West Virginia Day (WV Fest). Holiday posts are time sensitive. Meaning you only have a limited amount of time to visit or enjoy the holiday event. ERA Liberty Realty puts blog posts out ahead of time, so you can plan for the event you want to go to.

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