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What is real estate? What constitutes the category? How do you get it? Learn through real estate articles about all things real estate. Generally, real estate is buildings. These buildings can be homes, businesses, detached, or attached to one another. The buildings can range from the smallest to the largest. What buildings you own is reflected in your property taxes. Dealing with real estate involves lots of paperwork. Whether you are listing a home or business or buying one, there is contracts to deal with. These contracts are binding and ensure that the real estate agent and their client are represented fairly and their choices in matters are final. Contracts are a major part of obtaining real estate. Also, they are a major part in getting rid of it. When you go about purchasing or selling property, a real estate agent is involved. Once you have a contract to purchase a home, a lender and closing attorney now are part of the process. Now, matters such as buying or selling can be done without the help of a realtor. But, by not having one handy, either party runs the risk of a job half done. Maybe, something comes up that neither party now how to handle. Then they are at the mercy of a third party giving instruction. Lastly, why use a real estate agency to help you accomplish your goals? Other real estate articles will tell you to try it by yourself, but that's a disservice to you! Because, there are lost of factors that someone just "trying it for themself" can over look or just don't know about. Using a real estate office will ensure proper guidance through any real estate venture.

Local Market Report Update February 2024 Market Report The February 2024 Market Report has arrived and just in time for nice warm weather – maybe the weather is warning up the market as well! What has your market been up to? Is now a good time to buy or sell? Let’s get to it and dive into a compare and contrast of your […]
Home Advice Moving Out of Your Home It’s a fundamental part of selling your home… It is also something that is highly expected when you accept a contract: moving out. Now, moving from home to home can be a stressful situation. Boxes can get misplaced and things can get left behind or even broken if the moving company, or uncle Ben, doesn’t […]
Home Advice Getting Your Home Ready to Photograph Keep the yard trimmed, fix any family photo holes, repaint, don’t forget to still check your mail, and the list goes on and on! There are a million things to take care of when listing your home for sale. We hate to add another to the list, but this is something well worth it in […]
Local Market Report Update November 2023 Market Report 2023 has almost come to a close and with it another year of this crazy housing market! But don’t fear, next year may be better – they may lower those climbing interest rates! Word on the street is they may be dropping them three times in 2024. But, until then, here is your November 2023 […]
Home Advice Tips for Shoveling Snow No one wants to do it. It’s a hassel and you end up with a sore back. But, by checking out our tips for shoveling snow, you can save yourself some time and pain!  Cooking Oil Out of all the tips for shoveling snow, this is probably the most handy! Cooking oil is one of […]
Real Estate Articles Home Search Steps 101 The process of beginning a home search can be quite overwhelming! But, it does not need to be. With a few simple tips, you can be organized and ready to go out looking at property. Take a deep breath, and let out a sigh of relief because we have some great home search steps for […]
Home Advice Conserve Heat in your Home This Winter Imagine a blustery cold day. You want to stay indoors in your comfy, toasty home with the heater cranked up to 76 degrees. It’s all fine and dandy until you get your power bill…then it hits you…right in the wallet. Maybe turning up the heat isn’t the only way you can stay warm and comfortable […]
Real Estate Articles Open House Etiquette 101 Touring an open house is a great way to check out a home without having to schedule an appointment. It can get you in the right headspace for pulling out the magnifying glass and dissecting the home or get you hyped for writing offers. All in all, open houses are a fun way to get […]
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Home Advice 10 Exciting Small Deck Ideas Are you ready to take your outdoor space from drab to fab? Your humble deck might be small, but with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of imagination, it can become the heart of your backyard oasis! We’ve scoured the web and gathered the most thrilling small deck ideas to help you transform your […]
Home Advice How to Decorate a Small Space Decorating small spaces can feel like an impossible puzzle. You want to fit as much stuff as possible. Whether you’re starting out in a studio apartment 🏡 or choosing to live a more minimalist existence, you don’t need to sacrifice style. Here are some ways to learn how to decorate a small space. Keep the […]
Local Market Report Update August 2023 Market Report The month started out hot, but as we continue on, cooler days are happening! Are you ready for the cool down of the Fall season? The real estate market is feeling the cool down as well, espeically for buyers. Rates are high and wages remain low. See what is going on in your market with […]
Curb Appeal Corner Native Summer Plants are Great Curb Appeal!  Native summer plants are great curb appeal! If you are looking to boost your curb appeal this season consider planting items that thrive in our region during the summer months. A variety of vibrant greenery and blooming plants are known to thrive even in the oppressive summer sun of West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle. According to the […]
Home Advice Pitfalls of Online House-Value Estimates In the digital age, we have access to an abundance of information at our fingertips. This includes online tools that claim to estimate the value of our homes with just a few clicks. While these online estimates may seem like a convenient and quick solution, relying solely on them can be a slippery slope. Here […]
Real Estate Articles Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent The thought of selecting the right real estate agent can be a bit intimidating. There are so many different real estate companies and offices with so many different personalities and people to choose from. So, what is one to do? What do you look for in an agent? Is it really as easy as selecting […]
Local Market Report Update June 2023 Market Report The second heatwave has hit the Eastern Panhandle – you can tell from all of the sprinklers now! The results are in for the June 2023 market report and we are here to tell you that some counties felt a cool chill of backtracking in June. Check out your June 2023 market report below to […]
Local Market Report Update May 2023 Market Report Welcome to the May 2023 Market Report Firstly, we may be going through somewhat of a drought here in the Eastern Panhandle, but that doesn’t mean the real estate market is as well! Over the past weekend, ERA Liberty was booming with contracts so there is hope for a recovering market. The May 2023 market […]
Real Estate Articles What are your Dream Home Features? What makes a home the perfect home and what makes a dream home? One is based in reality and the other is, well, more so fantasy. But that’s perfectly fine! Keep a tight hold on those lotto house aspirations and your dream home and all its dream home features just may be on your horizons! […]
Local Market Report Update April 2023 Market Report Welcome to the April 2023 Market Report Warm weather is finally here! The birds are chirping at obnoxious morning hours, the random fireworks exploding has started, and the populous have started to forget how to drive safely due to nice day exposure. In true West Virginia weather fashion, the real estate market is acting like […]
Home Advice Summer Cleaning Yeah, we still have to do summer cleaning. The season is practically designed for us to want to do anything else other than pick up the mop and bucket and get to scrubbing down the bathroom. We all know that not a soul wants to do some summer cleaning, yet we all love that feeling […]
Curb Appeal Corner Curb Appeal Without Breaking the Piggy Bank If your home is lacking curb appeal and you want to improve it without spending a fortune. You’ve come to the right place! There are so many DIY projects and simple changes you can do to improve your homes look without breaking the bank! Here are just a couple ways to get you started.  Painting […]