Real Estate FAQs

A real estate transaction (sale) can be a daunting task to take on. There are undoubtedly twists and turns along the way. A real estate professional is your best bet for a smooth deal whether you are the buyer or the seller. Because there is so much to know about real estate, generally, companies create real estate FAQs. These sheets are filled with facts, questions, and answers to common real estate questions. ERA Liberty Realty offers insights on various topics for the real estate process. This is for both sellers and buyers of property. They have created sections on their website for buyers and sellers to check out their process for a real estate transaction. They also have a page for rentals. Real Estate FAQs cover the meaning of being in contract either in a listing situation or a sales contract situation. The information contained within gives you details on what is to be expected and done at what time. Questions are to be directed at the real estate agent handling the sale or listing. Questions need to be asked to YOUR REALTOR, not the agent handling the other side. You will undermine your agent and their ability to do their job to the fullest extent. FAQs work as unofficial guides to start a prospective buyer or seller off in the correct direction. That direct could be calling an agent to answer the question of "should I even be doing this?". ERA Liberty Realty offers a process flow on their website about the buying and seller processes. They have FAQs in their blog section.

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