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The real estate market is always changing. Sometimes the change is for the good, and sometimes for the bad. By keeping an eye out for the real estate local market report update you will always be in the know about the market. The report provided by ERA Liberty Realty can give insight for buyers and sellers. It alerts you to changes in the market. This could make all the difference in the decision to buyer or sell. Generally, the market data is available around the 13th of each month. It lags a month behind. The data offers local market and detailed reports for a variety of counties. ERA Liberty Realty takes the information from the detailed reports on Jefferson County, Berkeley County, and Morgan County of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. ERA Liberty Realty gains access to the latest real estate local market report update monthly. We crunch the data to recreate it in a colorful graphic. This recreation takes the jumble of number and graphs and turns it into an infographic. The infographic makes it easier to understand. This makes it easier on the viewer to understand and digest the current market situation. Contact your real estate agent with questions about the numbers!

Local Market Report Update February 2024 Market Report The February 2024 Market Report has arrived and just in time for nice warm weather – maybe the weather is warning up the market as well! What has your market been up to? Is now a good time to buy or sell? Let’s get to it and dive into a compare and contrast of your […]
Local Market Report Update November 2023 Market Report 2023 has almost come to a close and with it another year of this crazy housing market! But don’t fear, next year may be better – they may lower those climbing interest rates! Word on the street is they may be dropping them three times in 2024. But, until then, here is your November 2023 […]
Local Market Report Update August 2023 Market Report The month started out hot, but as we continue on, cooler days are happening! Are you ready for the cool down of the Fall season? The real estate market is feeling the cool down as well, espeically for buyers. Rates are high and wages remain low. See what is going on in your market with […]
Local Market Report Update June 2023 Market Report The second heatwave has hit the Eastern Panhandle – you can tell from all of the sprinklers now! The results are in for the June 2023 market report and we are here to tell you that some counties felt a cool chill of backtracking in June. Check out your June 2023 market report below to […]
Local Market Report Update May 2023 Market Report Welcome to the May 2023 Market Report Firstly, we may be going through somewhat of a drought here in the Eastern Panhandle, but that doesn’t mean the real estate market is as well! Over the past weekend, ERA Liberty was booming with contracts so there is hope for a recovering market. The May 2023 market […]
Local Market Report Update April 2023 Market Report Welcome to the April 2023 Market Report Warm weather is finally here! The birds are chirping at obnoxious morning hours, the random fireworks exploding has started, and the populous have started to forget how to drive safely due to nice day exposure. In true West Virginia weather fashion, the real estate market is acting like […]
Local Market Report Update March 2023 Market Report Welcome to the March 2023 Market Report The close of another Winter season poses a lot of questions: Will they do away with Daylight Savings Time finally? How hot will this coming summer be? Will the real estate market pick back up? That is the real question as we get into the March 2023 Market […]
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