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There are tons of things to do in the area of West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia is home to various food establishments. Also, they have walk trails, national parks, gyms, and other recreational features. Whereas the same goes for Maryland and Virginia. Check out ERA Liberty Realty’s blog articles about things to do in the area and we bet you will find something new to get into! In the Eastern Panhandle, the majority of dining is located in Martinsburg, West Virginia. There are tons of local and chain places to eat at. From Martinsburg to Charles Town there is the Route 9 walking path. This path goes on for miles and is prime for walking or biking. It has gradual hills and a flat surface… as long as you don’t mind the cars on Route 9 close by. Other things to do in the area are day trips. These trips can be taken in Virginia or Maryland. Virginia offers shopping at local, chain, or high end stores. More over, to some parts of the Eastern Panhandle, Winchester, Virginia may have the closest mall to shop at. Other parts, Hagerstown, Maryland will have the closet mall. Maryland is full of nature much like Virginia and West Virginia. Maryland has a nearby hiking trail right across the state line from Harpers Ferry West Virginia. The trail is a few miles long with a great overlook to the town of Harpers Ferry.

Local Places to Visit Eastern Panhandle Day Trips The Eastern Panhandle’s Top Day Trip Destinations While the Eastern Panhandle itself offers an abundance of activities, sights and shopping, sometimes it’s nice to get away for a day or long weekend. Thankfully, Berkeley & Jefferson counties are located in a prime spot for day trips! You really can have it all here in the Eastern Panhandle – […]
Local Businesses Country Inn of Berkeley Springs If you frequent the Martinsburg, Charles Town, or Inwood areas often (or live there) you will know the struggle of finding a calm traffic day. Or just a calm day in general really. The population has skyrocketed causing once humble towns to now become traffic gridlock centers – Martinsburg and Inwood respectively. Did you know, […]
Local Businesses Blooms and Blossoms Farmers Market Opening 2022 Join the residents of Charles Town as they welcome in the 2022 Farmers Market season with fun events for everyone! The annual Blooms and Blossoms (and beer) event will be held on April 9th at 9 a.m. along Charles Street. The street will be shut down to thru traffic between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. […]
Local Businesses Broaden Your Palette in Shepherdstown When you’re traveling with family, it is often hard to find places that everyone agrees upon to settle down for some lunch. The story of a Mom’s life is the youngest wants fast food, but the oldest wants a more formal dinning setting… that isn’t a concern in Shepherdstown. Thousands of people from around the […]
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