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Farmers Markets in the Eastern Panhandle


With the weather warming up there are a ton of things to get outside and finally do! Besides falling back into the habits of sweaty yardwork, there are other places that want you to fall into the habit of visiting them on the weekends: local farmers markets! Buying local not only supports the community, but also offers a fresher product produced in an environment that you know and trust. Visiting these wonderful farmers markets allows for relationships to be made with the staff and farmers that take the time to nurture and grow all the scrumptious foods and gives the chance for other vendor’s products to grace you and your friend’s dinner tables.

Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan counties all have their own special farmers markets. Each market contains specific items for that county or that market. Depending on which market you want to visit, depends on the great finds to discover there!

Berkeley County Farmers Markets

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Let’s say you stopped into the Cider Press Deli and Grill in Inwood for an early lunch one Saturday. You fell in love with the food, which many due(!), and you just had to know where they purchased their ingredients… Everything came from the Farmers Market that the restaurant is attached too! Taylors Farmers Market is the largest in the area and you can even shop online!

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If you are traveling through Martinsburg and get a hankering for some deep-dish pie, then head over to Orr’s Farmers Market (they also do to-go order if you’re in a hurry). Orr’s also gives tours of their farm and have live events.



Photo of Kitchen's Farm Market - Falling Waters, WV, United States. Store Front

Further up North in Falling waters rest Kitchens Farm Market. Many customers place weekly orders for milk, chocolate milk, butter, and ice cream. All milk comes in glass jars.

Aside from the larger markets, there are a few that take pride in what they can offer and only sell their own goods. These markets include: Butler’s Farm Market and Kilmer’s Farm Market.



Jefferson County Farmers Markets

While Berkeley County is a larger county than Jefferson there is no shortage of markets and farms to purchase crisp produce or juicy fruits from! Shepherdstown is known not only for Shepherd University, but also for the lot of local shops that line the streets. They also have a great Farmer Market. By being only open on Sunday, you would think that this small-town market wouldn’t get as much traffic as it does, but you would be wrong! The knowledgeable vendors and staff keep customers coming back for more! On the outskirts of town lies Morgan’s Grove Park which offers its own farmers market – Morgan’s Grove Market.

If you continue to follow Kearneysville Pike once you are done at Morgan’s Grove Market, you can head on into Charles Town and the Charles Town Farmers Market. Located in the heart of Charles Town, this market carries fruits, veggies, flowers, and offer live music all packed into one block!

Smaller markers for Jefferson County include Stony Ridge Farm. This is a micro-farm situated on 5 acres. The owners host a four-season food garden that feeds families all year ‘round in a local CSA (community supported agriculture).

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Black Dog Coffee sells just that, coffee. But their next-door neighbor is the Black Dog Farmers Market! Open on Wednesdays, this elusive market is part of the Charles Town Farmers Market. Enjoy shopping for fresh carrots as you sip on some savory Black Dog Coffee!

Morgan County Farmers Markets

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The Berkeley Springs Farmers Market is one of a kind. This market takes specialized WIC vouchers, “Senior Vouchers”, and even SNAP cards (food stamps)! There are regulations on the vouchers so make sure to read up before using. They also donate to local food pantries. The Berkeley Springs Farmers Market is open all year so your fixing for freshness will always be satisfied!




The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia has more than just rolling hills to be proud of. Our farmers and all their hard work are put on proud display with each market, local store, or beautiful farm land. Why not make the Eastern Panhandle home so you can enjoy these local stores and markets all the time? 

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