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Getting Your Home Ready to Photograph

Keep the yard trimmed, fix any family photo holes, repaint, don’t forget to still check your mail, and the list goes on and on! There are a million things to take care of when listing your home for sale. We hate to add another to the list, but this is something well worth it in the end. We will give you some tips for getting your home ready to photograph!

Why Are Good Listing Photos So Important?

You want the best photos for your listing, regardless of the listing type! By having good photos, a potential buyer can clearly and quickly see what features the home has, and what they may need to repair. They will also be able to see the layout of the home with full rooms in view. This can also be said for the exterior photos. You are showing off the home and trying to make it stand out from all the rest that someone may be viewing – you only get one first impression!

General Rule of Thumb (to make a room look great)

The tips to get your home ready for photos are universal, all photographers will say some variation. The main things you want to keep in mind are: Turn all the lights on and replace any bad bulbs. This makes the home look and feel brighter. Turn off any fans, ceiling or otherwise. Dust and de-clutter everywhere! If you get the chance to full on clean then do that as well. Make sure your paint is touched up and matching. Hide your large or bulky trashcans.

Some tips that vary from photographer to photographer are remove personal photos from the walls. This helps depersonalize the home so the viewer can more easily visualize themselves in the space. Remove small rugs to show more of the flooring. Adjust window treatments (blinds) to show the outside. Stow away pets and their belongings – sometimes keeping a pet in the photo adds interest to the room. It could be the thing that someone remembers about the home and doubles back to it.

Exterior Tips

Keeping the outside as kept as the inside can be a challenge. Some times of the year are easier to manage than others, but here are some constants to keep in mind for an outdoor photograph:

  • Put your vehicle in the garage, or move it from the driveway.
  • Shut the garage door.
  • Clean flowerbeds of overgrowth or decaying plants.
  • Keep the grass trimmed.
  • Clean up after pets – no yard bombs please!
  • (if applicable) Clean the pool and turn on any water features.

Interior Room Tips

  • Living/Family Room
    • Declutter any tables and shelving.
    • (if applicable) Clean the fireplace. If it’s gas, then wipe down the glass.
    • Arrange your couch cushions neatly.
    • Put away or hide any children’s toys.
  • Kitchen/Dining
    • Clear or de-clutter the counters. This gives the illusion of more space. Limit your small appliances on the counter if you must.
    • Clear sink of dishes.
    • Remove magnets and photos from the fridge door.
    • Remove highchairs or booster seats from the seating areas.
    • Keep your dining room table simple – limit to one center piece and spaces set with simple dishes.
  • Bedrooms
    • Make beds and arrange the pillows neatly.
    • Clear off dresser tops or arrange items neatly.
    • Remove wall stickers, posters, or loud personalized items.
  • Bathrooms
    • Clear counters or arrange items neatly.
    • Remove all visible items from any stall showers.
    • Remove used towels from the room.
    • Hide the toilet plunger.
    • Make sure all toilet seats are down!
    • Clean the mirrors.

Avoid Inaccuracy Inaccurate Arrows

You want the very best for your home, but by fixing a hole in the wall via Photoshop it is lying about the interior condition. Please don’t ask your photographer to change so much in the home, it no longer reflects the actual property. A good photographer will decline the request to over correct issues in the home.

You can only do your best when setting up a home to photograph. Don’t stress yourself out if you don’t get your home as clean as you wanted. Anything helps the photos so don’t give up!

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