Curb Appeal CornerHome Advice April 14, 2023

Getting Your Outdoor Space Ready for Warm Weather

Now that it looks like warm weather is here to stay, you’ll want to get your outdoor space in tip top shape! We’ve got a couple tips to get your outdoor space looking great and ready to entertain. 

Landscaping and Clean upFresh mulch, outdoor space

Start the clean up process by getting rid of leaves. Remove all leaves and branches from your yard, flower beds and gardens. This alone should make your outdoor space look much more appealing. However, you most likely will want to lay down some fresh mulch or rocks to tidy up even more. This will make your space look more manicured. Before you lay down any mulch or rock, be sure to do any needed pressure washing or cleaning of sidewalks first. This will prevent mulch/rock from being displaced. 

Spruce Up Your Patio

Your patio/porch mostly likely got a little dirty this fall and winter with falling leaves and snow. So, you’ll want to start your cleanup with removing everything from these spaces so that you can do a good deep cleaning. If you have a pressure washer, break it out and get to spraying everything off. If you don’t have one, no worries! You can use a regular water hose, you may just need to put a little elbow grease in by scrubbing things down. 

New decor for outdoor spaceNew Outdoor Decor

Are last years cushions and decor looking a little dated or dingy? It might be time to purchase some new items for a fresh look. This simple step can transform the whole area! Make the space pop by purchasing some items with color. If you need a few decorating ideas, check out our ERA Liberty Realty Pinterest board!

Get the pool ready to take a Dunk!

Do you have a pool? Time to get in contact with a pool company to get it on schedule to be opened up. Or if you want to open it up yourself you’ll want to go ahead and get the items you need purchased. It is recommended that pools are to be opened up when temperatures in your area are consistently 70 degrees or above for about a week or so. Therefore, making you in the safe zone with temperatures in the area continuing to rise. Check out these 14 steps that will have your pool opened up in no time. 

LightingOutdoor String Lights

If you’re planning to spend your evenings enjoying the weather, you might want to take a look at some cozy lighting. String lights can be fairly inexpensive and really add a great look to your out door space. Take a look at these awesome color changing lights to add a pop of color! 

Overall, the best tip is to enjoy making your space work for you! Buy the comfy chair cushions, the pretty sun catcher, and beautiful flowers to make your own little oasis. 🌻🪴🌷

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