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Moving Out of Your Home

It’s a fundamental part of selling your home… It is also something that is highly expected when you accept a contract: moving out. Now, moving from home to home can be a stressful situation. Boxes can get misplaced and things can get left behind or even broken if the moving company, or uncle Ben, doesn’t treat a fragile box very kindly. There are many things that go into moving that are not all related to packing and migrating boxes. There is cleaning, scheduling, and organizing involved. Here are some tips and tricks to make moving out of your home not as much of a hassle as it is the realization that you have just opened another door to all new opportunities and memories yet to come!

Step One: Accept a buyer’s offer

Great, step one down! That was easy!

Step Two: Fix repairs on the home inspection report

This one is going to be a bit harder, but with perseverance you can make it through!

Step Three: Time to get busy

*Step three can apply not only to sellers leaving their home, but also renters leaving their rental. It is common curtesy to clean when you leave, so this is not a blog for just a home seller.

Tape and a magic marker are going to quickly become your best friend when you are packing up your belongings. That and boxes – you will never have enough boxes.

If You Are Hiring Movers Boxhead poeple

Movers can make the hassle of migrating to your next home a lot easier, especially if they are the kind that will pack up your stuff for you. The problem with that is the obvious… they will pack up your items leaving you clueless as to where anything is. The box may say toiletries, but when you open it you find a frying pan. These types of movers could mean you are going to shell out more cash for their services. Make sure to read the fine print with any moving company whether they are just loading the boxes or packing and loading.

If Packing Yourself

Don’t be afraid to take some time and create a list on each box of what is in it. Pack the essentials separately such as TP, a change or two of clothing, utensils, or other things that you may need upon immediate arrival of your home. You could also pack items that you will need to unpack first in clear totes to find them easily.

Make sure to use the proper packing items. Don’t try and cut corners! Packing tape, boxes that can hold clothing, packing cloth, etc was made for the sole purpose of helping you get that glass mirror from point A to point B in one piece! It will save your items from being scuffed or even broken from being jostled around in transit.

For the sake of saving a trip or two you may be tempted to fill the boxes to the brim – don’t! By doing this you destroy the box’s integrity and its ability to actually hold everything that you have put in it. Spare your arms and everything that you pile in the box by splitting the load or finding a more suitable means of transportation for your items.

Rent a moving truck or commandeer a family member or friend with a truck and trailer to help move. It will make the transfer of items quicker and easier especially when it comes to moving the heavy furniture. The car is fine if you want to take a few boxes at a time to your new home.

Cleaning After Moving Out

Each room deserves some love upon leaving day. Here are some items to not forget when you do your move out cleaning either on your home or the home you are renting. Keep in mind that if an item looks clean, it doesn’t hurt to give it a once over with the wet rag anyways. You never know, that coloring may turn white instead of ecru.

Places to clean in every room:

  1. Dust ceiling fixtures
  2. Clean walls and baseboards
  3. Dust ledges
  4. Clean door knobs and doors
  5. Vacuum
  6. Repair any nail damage to walls
  7. Rid the room of cobwebs (if any)

The Bathroom:

  1. Scrub soap scum off the tiles, tub/shower, and bleach the grout if there is any
  2. Clean the toilet
  3. Clean the sink
  4. Wipe down inside the cabinets
  5. Dust the exhaust fan and check if there is anything in it
  6. Clean the mirror(s)

The Kitchen:

  1. Make sure all your food items, utensils, or other things that may have accumulated in the cabinets are cleaned out
  2. Clean and disinfect the counter tops
  3. Scrub the fridge if necessary
  4. Wipe off the stove
  5. Check and clean the dish washer if necessary
  6. Clean the stove exhaust fan
  7. Pull out appliances and sweep behind them
  8. Wipe down the sink and faucet


  1. Restore the yard to pristine condition such as mowing, weed pulling, or cleaning up porches
  2. Sweep out the garage
  3. Remember to cancel utilities
  4. Deep clean carpets
  5. Re-wax the hardwood flooring


Helpful Furniture Moving Tips

  1. Remove the full drawers from the dressers, end tables etc when moving them. Put the drawers off to the side as you load the item. Once it is on the truck reinsert the drawers. Remove them again once at your new home.
  2. To save your furniture from scratching while sliding it into a truck bed, put down an old blanket. This will keep the surfaces from touching while also making the item a bit easier to slide. Mattress Strap
  3. Invest in lifting straps or shoulder dolly’s for carrying those heavier items.
  4. Carrying mattresses are awkward. Make a mattress sling with some rope and loop it underneath the ends of the mattress.
  5. Take everything that you can apart!
  6. Slide heavy objects with blankets instead of carrying or dragging them across the floor.
  7. Plan where your items are going to be setup in your new abode. This way there will be no clutter of furniture and boxes around the entrance blocking the way.
  8. If you don’t want all the boxes, try using items you have on hand such as hampers, baskets, and suitcases
  9. Forward your mail to the new address
  10. Update your address for your bank cards
  11. Change your address on your Amazon, Walmart, and other online store accounts.

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