Real Estate Articles July 28, 2023

Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent

The thought of selecting the right real estate agent can be a bit intimidating. There are so many different real estate companies and offices with so many different personalities and people to choose from. So, what is one to do? What do you look for in an agent? Is it really as easy as selecting the first one you find?


Here are some things to look for in a top tier agent:

  • Professionalism – The agent should show up to appointments on time. This could be for a showing or a listing appointment. They should come prepared and have a good attitude.
  • An Active Listener – You want an agent that will actively listen to your wants and needs and create home searches or listing presentations tailored to them. Consistently showing you homes outside of your price range is not listening to you. Letting people view the home outside Agent and clients
  • of your determined “No Show” hours is not listening to you. If an agent seems to be pushing you to do something put your foot down and remind them why you want or need it that way.
  • Their Personality – Does their personality mesh with yours? If you are having a hard time communicating or working together due to clashing personality types, then that agent isn’t right for you. You will be able to tell if you are a compatible duo early on.
  • Experience – An agent that has experience can get you through any sort of tough situation. They have the knowledge, or know where to find answers, to problem solve. Agents that have been in the field for a few years can have the experience you need, so don’t only search for long term agents. Give everyone a fair chance!


How to Find the Right Agent

Don’t forget to ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors. Get recommendations from people you trust. A personal recommendation can be a powerful thing – it not only speaks of how well the agent was liked, but it also says that they did a great job!

Other ways to find an agent are through company websites. You can go there and read reviews from an agent’s past clients and even reach out to them through their website. Feel free to call or email a prospective agent.

Can I Speak with Multiple Agents?

Yes! Of course, you can speak with as many agents as you like. This is your chance to interview them. When speaking with them, let them know that you haven’t committed to anyone yet because one of the first questions they would ask you is “are you working with an agent”. However, if you have chosen an agent and another agent calls you, make sure to let them know that you are working with someone. This eliminates stepping on toes and leaves no ill will between agents.

Agents want to do the best job that they can do for you. Ultimately, you will click with your agent or you won’t. It’s no big deal if you don’t, just try another agent. It can be difficult to speak up and voice concerns when selecting the right real estate agent. Your agent will understand – that’s the professionalism talking!

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